MappiMundi is an application to explore and create interactive chronological maps. Maps where you can explore many events, territories, people, etc. through space and time.

If you are new to MappiMundi, read this page and continue with "Exploring maps".

If you want to create your own maps, read "Creating maps". However you should first go through the previous page if you haven't done so.

  1. How to start?
  2. What's in a map?

How to start?

You can start exploring maps right now from this page. It shows a list of public projects that you can filter with dates and names. Click on the "view" button of any project.

To understand what are maps made of, continue reading this page. Then read the "Exploring maps" documentation to learn how to use the interface.

What's in a map?

A project, also called a map, contains multiple kinds of information as shown by the diagram below. These objects are displayed on the map and related to each other.

A project contains types, entities and events. Entities and events may belong to a type, but don't have to.

Events, as their name say, are used to depict events. They are made of a date and location, and are shown as markers on the map.

Entities represent more complex objects such a people, countries, etc. They contain periods and geometries. Periods tell when the entity actually existed and geometries are visual objects that are rendered on the map. Geometries can be markers, lines and polygons.

Entities can be related to each other. This is useful to look for more entities related to a specific one.

Same goes between entities and events. An entity can be related to multiple events, and an event can be related to multipled entities, but events can't be related to each other. This is useful to look for events related to a specific entity.

Regarding time, projects have different granularity. A project's granularity can be one of those:

  • Second
  • Minute
  • Hour
  • Day
  • Month
  • Year
The dates and times will be rounded up according to the project's granularity.